Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Cocaine Jesus.

That’s the song that is currently filling my mind, sweet sounds of the indie rock band which I newly discovered and cannot get enough of.¬†While these sweet tunes are being listened to, I thought, what better time to write a blog post. I mean, why should there always be something wrong or something to complain about for it to be of importance. Obviously, problems of people are more easy to relate to I guess?

Well, too bad. I’m defying the norm and just writing about how happy I am. When I woke up the sun was just making its daily appearance from behind the mountains, and a creek of sunlight hit my face. As I awoke I just had that feeling, the feeling that everything was going to go great.

Suddenly I remembered, my sister’s birthday was today and I was so hoping her day had also started as well as mine. So as I walked to my first class of the day, psychology, I sent her a cute sisterly message and went on with my day. From there, it just got better and better, I appreciated every second of my day and then I just thought to myself “you know, we really don’t take in the wonder of everyday” and yes it is cliche but seriously, did you have that warm feeling inside you today when you saw the leaves rustling on the trees or the sun shining just at the perfect moment, maybe even just a good tune that you happened to come across?

Well, I did today. It was amazing. So here is to a day that could just have been another one but instead was sort of inspiring in a weird sense. To more good days, feel-good music and positive vibes.