The City of Andyville

“Fighting crime trying to save the world here it comes just in time, The Panic attack, Panic saves the day!”

The workload has become increasingly high, stress is taking over. Panic stricken I look over to my calendar to realize the CHEMISTRY FINAL is only 2 days away. Suddenly, The panic is replaced with nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

I reach for my laptop and look for a new episode of The walking dead. “What’s another day from my schedule? I definitely have time for a whole season” I think.

OH NO. The nothing has kidnapped the panic and it has it tied up somewhere in my body unable to sound the alarm. As I reach for the play button on my laptop, The panic has found it’s way out of the grasps of The nothing. Will The panic sound the alarm in time? Or am I doomed to failure and underachievement?

My finger is seconds away from the long, rectangular space bar, it’s basically shouting “play me”. 3…2…1…

“It’s too late my friend, you’ve lost this time” The nothing says as the TWD theme song starts playing. But wait, The panic pulls the emergency alarm and finally The panic sets in. I throw my laptop (safely) onto my bed and hit the books.

The panic has triumphed and the City of Andyville is safe once again! Till next time fellow Cities.

You truly do only live once.

While listening to an instrumental playlist on 8tracks. It had me thinking, life is special (As if everyone doesn’t know that).

Here’s the thing, people might think they know how precious life is, but they don’t. At least not all of us. I mean how many times have I used the term Y.O.L.O and then I do something utterly stupid (mostly fun though) and I never realized, I actually only have one life… it’s this or nothing.

So as I’m sitting here I’m finally realizing that life is a sort of game. You either give it your all and get the most out of it, or you fade away, because every second the clock is ticking and life is passing us by.

So should I just not study for that Chemistry test of Monday and enjoy life to the fullest while I can? No. That’s exactly the opposite of what should be done. I should study my ass off and ace my exams so I can have the satisfaction of knowing I’m one step closer to my dream. Then I actually have something to celebrate.

In light of what I just said, I think it’s time I close my laptop, crank up my instrumental playlist and blow the dust off my Chemistry books.

After all, You truly do only live once. So what I make of it is up to me.

Exam time! Where’s that coffee?

With coffee in hand.  I am trying to study “how to study” and “the reasons why procrastinators, procrastinate” while I could have been studying important Physics (which I seem to be failing). How is it that lecturers actually think this work is important? useless I tell you.

Anyhow, it took me about an hour. but all my focus was on getting the stupid work in my head, so I made the conclusion that there is no room for Physics in there and took about half the day off to watch movies. (Wi-fi you amazing creature of technology)

So what do I do now? it’s 10:38pm at this very moment and I can’t find the courage to work through at least 2 physics tests (It would take about 30min max). I should just put the half an hour in and do them! However then I could argue that if I use all this brain power on Physics I’ll be too tired to think tomorrow… So I guess I could drink a cup of coffee to solve that problem? Yes, solution found.

What I’ve learnt today:

Coffee solves all problems.